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Composite Steel-Concrete Structures: Limit State Method

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Advances may be seen to occur as a step-by-step process of development. Advances that have been made recently in the field of structural engineering in the form of new methods of analysis, design and construction, new materials etc. have greatly influenced the people involved in research, teaching, design and construction. Steel-concrete composite construction is compatible and complementary to each other; they have almost the same thermal expansion; they have an ideal combination of strength. The development of composite flooring deck system has greatly enhanced effectiveness of composite-framed construction for high-rise buildings. Even composite beam can be constructed with concrete topping, cast-in place and precast reinforced concrete slab. A composite column can also be constructed without the use of formwork, by filling a steel tube with concrete. In Indian context it is comparatively new and no updated design codes are available for the same. So this book will assist structural consultants, civil engineers and researchers.

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