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Cancer Health Care Centre, Copenhagen: An Illustrated Process of Evidence Based Design within the Field of Healing Architecture

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In recent years various research has proven that architecture can have a profound effect on the healing and health care outcomes of its users. The design concept of healing architecture is a new field within building design and has mainly been focusing on hospital environments.This book presents the creation of a Cancer Health Care Centre in Copenhagen through the implementation of healing architecture and evidence based design, mainly concentrating on the architectural elements of light, acoustics, relations to outdoors, and social as well as private space.Special emphasis is put on the cancer diagnosed people and their needs, and five case studies of cancer centres in Scotland and Denmark provide essential experiences of the architectural effects that contribute to obtaining a soothing environment suitable for people in a difficult phase of their lives.The project provides useful information on themes and parameters of healing architecture that are important when designing a cancer centre, or other non-hospital buildings, and it is relevant for architects and planners working within health care architecture, or anyone with an interest in this field of architecture.

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