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Bared Soul and Memories Poetry Collection

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My collection of poems deal with various subjects of life. I start my poems talking about uncertainty—“Unsure About Something”—then I go on to talk about my memories—“Memory Bank in My Head.” I then elaborate on writing about my computer, the blandness of my room, a pretty creature, high school, beauty, true love and more. The poetry collection talks about different experiences in different areas of the world where the author lived. The collection includes a funny poem that explores people’s love for dogs, in which the poet questions the level of love people have for dogs. Poems about evil and hardship can also be found in the collection. The poet explores creative poetry with titles such as “Devil Collar,” and happiness in “Joie de Vivire” and “Soul Cloth.” The poetry collection is a fun and creative collection of poems that will keep you reading from beginning to end.

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