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Aston Martin Engine Development: 1984-2000

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The pace at which technology progresses within the motor industry can be incredibly fast. What may have seemed an almost insurmountable problem in the late 80s and early 90s and therefore a major achievement when resolved, would now seem a minor inconvenience due to the advances made in component technology. This book thoroughly details the design and development of Aston Martin engines, including the 580X Vantage, the Virage, and the V8 Coupe. In particular, the book focuses on the twin supercharged 32 valve Vantage engine - an engine which set new standards, being the most powerful production car engine in the world at the time of its release in 1992. Illustrated with photographs from that time and including power and torque curves, the book provides a unique look into a period of Aston's history, written by one of the key men involved in making it happen. Aston Martin Engine Development gives an insight into life at the AM factory at Newport Pagnell (England); an understanding of the benefits of Supercharging at the time of manufacture; and a historic record of engine design, development, and production that would otherwise have been lost to time. The book will appeal to Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts and to anyone else with an interest in engines and high-performance cars. [Subject: Automotive Manufacturing, Transportation]

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