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Assessment of Pollution & Impacts on Health & SE Status in Bangladesh: A Study on Water, Air, Noise Pollution of Mongla Industrial Estate (Cement ... Seafood Processing Industry) in Bangladesh

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Industrial estate is an increasing source of pollution. The aim of study was assessment of pollution of Mongla Industrial Estate & its impacts on health and socio-economic Status in BD. These experiments give a result that in water polluting industry BOD (1190 mg/l), COD (4330 mg/l) and TDS ( 8840 mg/l) are very high and pH (2.23) shows very acidic in nature of the effluent of MSFPI. Air pollution is severe in this area, at the ball mill (MCF) SPM was 520 µg/m3, & ambient air of area contains 510 µg/m3 of SPM. Noise level at ball mill average 100 dB. These values do not meet the DoE std. & affects the workers & people in vicinity of estate. 39%, 23%, 17%, 13% are suffered by skin diseases, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery respectively. 32%, 30%, 7%, 25%, 5% of people are suffered by breathlessness, wheezing, bronchitis, asthma and allergy respectively. 31%, 23%, 21%, 14% of people are suffered by sleeping problem, headache, heart pain, blood pressure respectively. The treatment cost of the people is 7% of their yearly income. About 59%, 11%, 30% of people are industrial labor, farmers and other type of workers respectively.

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