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Architecture of Caucasian Albania: Natural investigation and measurement of Christian monuments of Caucasian Albania, ways of their preservation

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The architecture of Caucasian Albania is one of the least explored spheres of the history of architecture in Azerbaijan. In spite of the fact that some aspects of the problem found their parallel in the works published over the past decades, the Azerbaijan science is still deficient in a research to create an integral historical- architectural picture of the epoch. A constituent part of the problem is a research into the Christian cult architecture, this most numerous and valuable component of Albanian’s architectural heritage. The cult architecture is the incarnation of the best spatial-composition ideas, most advanced constructive approaches, highest professional skill of Albanian architects and craftsmen. This book provides information about modern appearance, constructive peculiarities and decorative features, architectural- planning composition of the buildings in the territory of former Caucasian Albania, including drawings and photo fixation, collected by author during numerous trips to the historical towns of the country.

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