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Analysis of deep foundations in building engineering: Piled Raft Foundation of a High Office Building on Two Homogeneous and Difficult Foundation Soils

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Construction activity is in a deep process of transformation, focused on applying the latest scientific and technological progress using the most advanced technical mean of investigation. However it must be considered that the foundation role on constructions regardless of material used is to ensure stability and safety with a reasonable cost. In this idea, in the present study at first has been performed the Response Spectrum Analysis of a high office building (48 meters), after the investigations of foundation soil and documentation regarding the foundations. The piled raft foundation is analysed as independent components (manual and automatic calculations), as a system (automatic calculation). Also, for piled raft foundation system in contact with the foundation soil have been made the Response Spectrum and Construction Stages Analysis. This study is addressed to all interested in the subject of this research. Therefore it is recommended for both students (because of the detailed character of this book) and to initiated engineers (due to the complexity of the issues treated).

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