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Advanced Architecture (box 3 Vols) (English and Korean Edition)

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Weighing in just under a whopping seven kilograms, this ambitious, boxed edition, comprises three distinct volumes which together present more than 500 works and projects by young/progressive offices. The first volume deals with houses, apartments, hotels and resort architecture; the second, cultural centres, galleries, theatres, cinemas and exposition pavilions; and the third with office and commercial buildings, schools, universities, hospitals and other public buildings. Providing a sweeping survey of contemporary practice, all works and projects are surveyed over two or more pages through photographs, technical drawings and models, and are accompanied by interviews and introductory texts. Greg Lynn Form, Peripheriques, UNStudio, IaN+, Spacegroup, Sadar Vuga Architekti, Asymptote, Serie Architects, AED, servo, Andrea Angelidakis, NL Architects, AMID[cero9] and EM2N are just a few of the practices with work featured.

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