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A Framework and Methodology for Managing Quality of Web Services

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The wide adoption of XML and related technologies led to the rise of a new paradigm for applications development. Web Services: WS, extend the traditional role of the Web for a stronger support for business to business interactions. The WS paradigm is based on the exposure of WS functionality via an interface description which has the potential of making WS available for various kinds of end-users. Another very promising future of WS consists of the potential of composing basic WS to produce more complex WS with a wide range of functionalities. The SOA was proposed to position the key players in this new paradigm where main operations will be executed using technologies such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. The management of Quality of Web services: QoWS, as integral part of WS management will play an important role for the success of this paradigm. In this work, we investigate the management of QoWS for basic and composite WS by taking it into consideration as part of a systematic process for the development of WS. We studied the development of a new framework that intends to capture major management operations and the necessary extensions of SOA to support QoWS management.

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